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 Domain Name Registration Support FAQ For Existing Customers

 Transferring Domain Name Registration FAQs
 Changing Registrar FAQs

 Domain Name Registration Support FAQ For Existing Customers

What can I do with my domain?

A domain name is your identity on the Internet.  When you register your domain name with Last Digital, you have several options.  Since the domain name is registered under your name,  you are making sure that no one else will take your identity.  You can sit on it as long as you keep renewing your domain name registration with Last Digital.

With your domain name registration service, you receive the following tools:
  • Free holding page ( optional )
  • Domain forwarding ( optional )
  • Access to Control Panel, Last Digital's advanced control panel to manage your account
What services are included with my domain registration service with Last Digital?

With your domain name registration service, you receive the following tools, free of charge:
  • Free holding page ( optional )
    This is set up automatically when your domain name is activated. You do not need to take any actions to receive the free parking page.  After 48 hours of your domain name being registered, you should type your domain name in your browser while connected to the Internet; you should be able to pull up your holding page.
  • Domain forwarding ( optional )
    Let's say that you already have a Web site at You then decide to register at Last Digital to take advantage of our great offer.  Then you can forward all Web traffic that comes to to  This is what is meant by domain forwarding.
  • Access to Control Panel
    You can manage your domain name and account with Control Panel, Last Digital's Web-based control panel. It's easy to use and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can:
    • Change name servers associated with your domain name
    • Update your contact information
    • Check your billing status in real time
    • Make payments online
    • Access other setup functions for your domain name


How do I FTP or upload my Web site to my account?
In order to upload your Web site to your account, you need to order a Web hosting plan with Last Digital.  If you only have domain name registration service with Last Digital, you would not be able to upload your Web site.  Last Digital has a solid reputation as one of the top-notch providers of Web hosting service to customers small and large.  Our plans start as low as 5/month.  If you wish to upgrade to a Web hosting plan, please browse our Web hosting and Ecommerce hosting sections.  Once you've selected the plan that is right for you, please log into Control Panel to request an upgrade. Top
Can I upgrade to Web hosting and other services offered by Last Digital?
You bet!  To start, you can upgrade to our Email plans to start using your domain name in your email address.  For example, instead of using to send and receive emails, you can use  This has the advantage of making you look a lot more professional.

You can decide to upgrade to a fully-featured Web hosting account when you are ready to launch your Web site.  Last Digital offers Web hosting plans to satisfy needs of customers both small and large. If you decide to upgrade to either Web hosting or email plans, you can do so in Control Panel, Last Digital advanced control panel.  You can log into Control Panel at

Do I get a phone support if I only have domain name registration with Last Digital?
To make sure that we are delivering the lowest possible price on our domain name registrations, phone support is not available for domain name only customers.  However, you can email our support team 24/7 and receive a reply within one hour.  Also, by going through this FAQ, you may be able to find answers to your questions right away.
How can I change my name servers?
If you plan to use Last Digital's Web hosting service, there is no need to change your nameservers.  However, if you plan to use a third party hosting service, your hosting provider may ask you to change your nameservers or DNS information associated with your domain name. 

How do I add email accounts to my domain name?
Email accounts enable you to send and receive email using your domain name instead of your ISP's name. For example, instead of using you can use To add email to your domain name, you need to upgrade to an Email or Web hosting plan.

What is a registrar? Who is ICANN?

A registrar is a company that has been licensed by ICANN to register domain names for the public.  Last Digital currently works with ICANN accredited registrar, to process domain name registrations.  Just like many products and services available for purchase on the Net, you can shop for the best domain name registration service from different registrars.  You will find that Last DIgital delivers one of the best values in the domain name registration space.

ICANN stands for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  It is a non-profit organization made up of various stakeholders in the Internet space and governs the domain name registration space.

What is the Whois record?
The Whois record shows who owns a particular domain name and how to contact the owner.  It is a part of public record as mandated by ICANN, the governing body that regulates the domain name registration space.  You can look up the Whois record on com, net, org, info and biz domain names by visiting and using the domain name look up tool.

Transferring Domain Name Registration FAQs  ::  Changing Registrar FAQs

How do I transfer my domain name registration to Last Digital?
You don't have to be a current customer to transfer your domain name, it is done in a few simple steps, just visit enter the domain you wish to transfer and depending on your domain extension eg, .com or only a few changes will begin the transfer of the domain.
How long will it take for my transfer to be processed?
Transferring your domain name registration to another registrar can take 5 to 14 days. Once you've submitted your request through your account, Last Digital sends an email message to the Administrative Contact listed on the Whois record requesting authorization for the registrar transfer. The Administrative Contact has 14 days to respond to the email message. Once the Administrative Contact authorizes the registrar change, it takes 5 to 7 days to process the request. If the Administrative Contact doesn't authorize the request or doesn't respond within the allotted time, your transfer process will be aborted.

How can I check the status of my transfer?
It can take up to 14 days for a transfer request to go through.  If it has been more than 14 days, please email our sales team for the status.

What happens to my domain name during a domain name registration transfer?
Until the domain name registration process is complete, nothing will happen to your domain name registration.  As long as you stay current with your billing with your current registrar, there will be no service interruption.  However, if your domain name expires after you have requested the transfer, it will cease to function properly unless you renew your service with your current registrar.

Can I transfer my domain name registration if it has expired?
No, you have to bring your domain name registration billing up to date with your current registrar before you can transfer your domain name registration to Last Digital.

You can wait until your domain name becomes available to register again (usually 70 days after the domain name has expired).  However, with this method, you are risking losing your domain name.

What is a redemption period?
When your domain name expires, you have 5 to 10 days to bring your billing up to date with your current registrar.  After this short grace period is over, your domain name goes into what is called a 'redemption' period.  During this time, no action can be taken on your domain name.  In order to activate your domain name, however, you would have to pay between 80 to 90 to your current registrar.  To process this, you should contact your current registrar. Unfortunately, there isn't much Last Digital can do to help while your domain name is in redemption period.

What is "registrar hold"?
When you registered your domain name, you may have requested a 'hold' on your domain name.  In this case, we cannot initiate the transfer of the domain name registration on your behalf.  You would have to initiate the transfer yourself, directly with your current registrar.  Please contact your registrar for instructions on removing the hold on your domain name.

What is "registrar lock"?
You may have requested a 'lock' on your domain name when you registered it.  In this case, because there is no contact information available, you would have to first request 'unlocking' of your domain name with your current registrar before Last Digital can proceed with the transfer process.  Please contact your current registrar for instructions on unlocking your domain name.


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